System Professional
5th May 2018
Models Required
5th July 2018

As a stylist, working with Nioxin is amazing. When a client comes to you feeling fed up with their fine lifeless hair and you can give them advice that you absolutely know will work that’s a great feeling.

Maybe the client has naturally fine hair or maybe its thinning due to illness or medication; whatever the problem, with Nioxin, we can work with the client to give them thicker fuller looking hair and more confidence. We always start a Nioxin consultation with the state of the art Nioscope. This is a microscope that helps us establish what’s really going on with the follicles, we then do a Dermabrasion which is an exfoliating treatment that allows us to unblock the follicles and nourish the scalp. All our assistants are fully trained in the relaxing massage that goes with this beautiful treatment

Looking after the three essential areas of hair growth, Derma, Density & Diameter, is so important when you have thin or thinning hair and Nioxin does this alongside the beautiful cosmetic elements. It’s definitely a go-to product for me as a stylist and for many of my clients.