For over 130 years, Wella has been delivering innovations and services that enable hairdressers’ creativity.

The company’s story began its story in 19th century Germany, with the vision and passion of one hairdresser, Franz Stroher. Today, Wella is one of the leading manufactures for providing professional salon and home use hair products.

Our colours

At Philips Hair Salons we use the full range of colouring products under the Wella umbrella. Your stylist will use the best colour option available to achieve the look you desire using Koleston Perfect, Illumina, Colour Fresh, Colour Touch or Perfecton, or a combination of these.

Koleston Perfect

Our most widely used permanent colour brand, we a can achieve rich glossy brunettes, vivid and strong reds or soft muted blonds. With its special and advanced Triluxiv technology not only does it contain high density colour molecules that allow us to saturate each strand with intense rich tone it also has conditioning lipids that work to nourish porous areas of the hair this enabling a more even colour result. Added to this the shine guard contained in the Triluxiv technology means that we can achieve beautiful colour and shine.

Koleston Perfect Innocence

Wella were the first manufacture to use the advanced ME+ technology in Koleston Perfect Innocense permanent hair colour. This means the risk of reaction to colour is reduced (a skin test is still essential). Not only is it great for scalp sensitive clients it’s also rich in depth, tone and nourishment leaving you hair looking and feeling exquisite.


Illumina is the softest most beautiful permanent hair colour with its Microlight technology it gives you translucent colour that dances in the light. With its cool violet undertones even warm shades are muted and iridescent. This is a colour brand for anyone who wants a soft and sophisticated colour result with a glass like shine.

Colour Touch

Colour Touch is an extensive brand of semi oxidising hair colours containing anything from rich browns, deep reds, icy toners for perfect blonds and muted matte pastels in it Instamatics range. With its Light Two Complex colour touch colours will work in harmony with your natural depth and tone. Shine is a reflection of light and the colour touch brand brings this to life beautifully.

Colour Fresh

Colour fresh is a beautiful semi-permanent colour that will often see our stylists using in the salon as a toner or pre-toner. When we do this, we give you the rest of the bottle and advise how to use it so you can keep your blonde looking clean and fresh for longer.

Colour Fresh Create

Our newest member of the colour family, sitting in the semi-permanent range. Imagine the pink, blue or turquoise you’ve always wanted, well now we can create it. These incredible fashion colours last for up to twenty washes and fade true to tone. They don’t disappoint in colour or longevity.

Our Products

The System Professional belief is your hair is as unique as your fingerprint. That’s why one of our exclusive treatment begins with an individual diagnostic of the hair’s energy fingerprint. This analysis forms the basis for a system of treatments that are tailored to your specific hair and scalp needs. Your personalised energy code will be created for you on your visit to any one of our Philips Hair Salons.

EIMI is the Wella voice that expresses your styling skills and individuality. The styling range is inspired by Wella’s work at catwalks and its global street style research. Let your stylist show you how to get the best finish for your new style.

Nioxin Therapy is the No. 1 globally selling salon brand for thicker, fuller hair. It is the only professional hair care brand for thinning hair endorsed by The Institute of Trichologists. Our highly trained staff are here to consult with you using the latest state of the art microscope system provided by Wella to diagnose your scalp and hair needs.

Wellaplex is the perfect hair treatment to combine with a colour service. The reconstructive properties make for stronger healthier hair while also increasing the longevity of vibrancy.